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Message From The Mayor and City Administrator
​August 23, 2017

City Update on Drainage and Road Project

Many of you have been wondering when the drainage and road work will begin in the city and may not be aware that the project is well underway.

The first contract for the major outfalls was awarded to Rebel Contractors during the council meeting of April 18, 2017. Rebel Contractors began their work on May 2, 2017.  

The project is proceeding well even with weather related delays. Rebel has started clearing the East Ditch clean-out. The West Ditch has been cleared and partially muck. The Outfalls have been started being cleared and some bottom work has commenced. The Gladiator, Cassius and Flamingo outfalls have received the most attention so far. All of the outfalls have either had a small amount of work done or will have work done before the contract is satisfied. These outfalls are named: Chariot Outfall, Flamingo Outfall, Caesars Outfall, Caesars-Whispering Pine Outfall, Whispering Pine Outfall, Hummingbird Outfall, Mockingbird Outfall, Magnolia Bend Outfall, East Ditch, Cassius Outfall, Forum Court Outfall, Centurian Circle Outfall, Gladiator Outfall, Four Fountains Outfall, Catacombs Outfall, Michelangelo Outfall, Nero’s Palace Outfall, Roman Court Outfall, the North Ditch and the West Ditch.  

As you can see by the number of outfalls, there is a lot of work to be done. The work commenced on May 2, 2017 and the contract states that the work shall be completed in 90 calendar days excluding weather days. So far the contractors have been awarded 37 weather days due to rain.  

Rebel Contractors were also awarded the second part of the project for cleaning out the roadside ditches, culverts and cross pipes at the June 20, 2017 council meeting. The contractors have started on this project on Chariot as of August 22, 2017. This work will include cleaning out all culverts in driveways, some replacement culverts at resident driveways, some replacement of cross pipes under the roads and grading all of the roadside ditches to ensure water flow to the outfalls. If your culvert under your driveway needs to be replaced you will be notified by the contractor before the work will begin on your culvert. The portion of the driveway over the culvert butting up against the road will be replaced with the same material that was originally there. The culvert may be a different size and material but the driveway apron and the bulkhead will be replaced.

Once the roadside ditches, culverts and cross pipe project is well underway the city will be working on bidding out the roads that are on the schedule to be paved. This project will involve reclaiming the road and base material, replacing the base material and laying new asphalt. As soon as there is more information on this project we will communicate this to the residents.

The city welcomes any questions by phone at 281-399-2660 and of course you may attend the city council meetings every third Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm. You can also leave messages at the city phone number for a return phone call from our mayor or any one of our council members.